Know Where To Buy CBD So Your Friends Don’t Have To

Know Where To Buy CBD So Your Friends Don’t Have To

Until weed becomes legalized in all 50 states, you’re going to have to settle for THC’s calm and collected little cousin: CBD.

But don’t fret, because even though CBD might not cause you to connect to your inner self in the same way that traditional marijuana can, it can definitely help keep you grounded and help reduce everyday stressors.

CBD is a hot trend because of its recent nationwide legalization and its vast number of benefits. 

Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about where to buy CBD so you can help out your friends when they come running to you.

What Even is CBD?

Before you tell your friends where to buy CBD, brush up on some background knowledge so you can impress them with your cannabis fun facts.

CBD looks like it’d be an acronym for something awesome. And as much as we wish it stood for “Cool Bud, Dude,” it’s a bit more scientific. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it comes from the cannabis sativa plant. If that sounds familiar, it’s because your THC comes from the same place.

CBD is popular because it has a number of great benefits for your mental and physical wellbeing. We’ll talk more about all that in a second.


While CBD and THC come from the same plant, there are some major differences between the two. The main and most glaring contrast is that CBD is not psychoactive. In other words, it won’t make you feel high. 

CBD works by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. This is an internal network inside of your body that helps regulate things like sleep, mood, appetite, sensation to pain, and more. You have an endocannabinoid system even if you’ve never used a CBD or THC product before.

When you use CBD, your body converts the compound into a cannabinoid which will then bind to a cannabinoid receptor. These guys exist all over your body. For example, CBD may bind with the CB2 receptor in your central nervous system to help inhibit inflammation in swollen joints.

THC works very similarly, but it tends to bind more strongly to these receptors. Therefore, the effects of THC are much more intense, which is what leads to feelings of euphoria and bliss. CBD binds more weakly, so it will make you feel calm and relaxed, but it won’t make you think that chipmunks are crawling through your vents.

Another major difference between the two is legality. While legalized marijuana including THC is becoming legal in more and more states as we speak, it is still illegal in many. By contrast, CBD is legal in all 50 states for manufacturing and usage.

If CBD Can’t Get You High, What Can It Do?

THC can also make you feel relaxed, calm, and help melt worries away. However, it can cause a lot of people to become paranoid or anxious. CBD is a fantastic alternative to give you some of the benefits of marijuana without the hallucinations.

CBD is most highly regarded for its ability to help with feelings of stress. Many people will use CBD during stressful situations, or even take some as a daily gummy, because it’s been shown to help bring feelings of calm and relief.

On top of that, CBD can be used in topical creams and lotions because of its ability to soothe tension and relieve discomfort. Many athletes use CBD topicals before and after exercising to help with stiff and achy muscles.

CBD can also help support good sleep, balance your mood, and much more. With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that all of your friends are begging you to tell them where to get some!

What Kind of CBD Does Your Friend Want?

Before you steer your friend in the right direction, it’s first important to understand what kind of CBD they want to use. There aren’t different strains of CBD like there are different strains of cannabis, but there are a multitude of different ways that CBD can be used that may appeal to some people more than others.

One of the most popular CBD applications is oil tinctures. A few drops of CBD oil can be placed under the tongue to feel pretty much instant relief. This is the quickest way to feel CBD’s effects, so this avenue is perfect for a friend who may be prone to frequent bouts of restlessness, or someone who just needs a little help keeping their cool.

If your friend has a sweet tooth, CBD edibles are great options too. Similar to your favorite weed edibles, you can get gummies, brownies, rice krispies, you name it! 

You can also get CBD as a topical cream. This is great if your friend wants the physical benefits of CBD, such as soothed muscles or skin moisturization.

Where Your Friends Can Buy CBD

Since CBD is legal thanks to the Farm Bill, it’s actually easier than you may think to find CBD products. There are tons of different brands and places to go where you can get your hands on CBD gummies, tinctures, smokes, and more.


One of the first places you should tell your friends to start is the internet! Really — they’ll be amazed how many different online retailers sell CBD products.

Using online retailers to get your CBD is great, but you definitely need to take some extra caution. Some of these retailers may be loading their products with chemicals, or they might be skimping out on the CBD itself. Have them do some research, making sure they’re getting high quality products from a reputable source.

Our CBD products are a great place to start. High Times’ CBD is compliant with FDA regulations, and we use a multi-step process to qualify CBD suppliers so that their products exceed expectations. We also only use domestically sourced hemp and CBD, offering a certificate of analysis for every product that you buy. We’ve got you, and your friends, covered!

Not to mention, our CBD products actually contain trace amounts of THC, up to legal standards. This helps maximize the “entourage effect,” which hypothesizes that the presence of multiple compounds from the cannabis plant can help enhance its health benefits. It’s just more proof that our products are a quality option to get your friends started.

Vitamin and Supplement Stores

CBD has gotten a bad rap for a long time. But recently, it’s becoming much more ingrained into mainstream culture. With that in mind, it’s being used as a nutritional supplement similar to multivitamins.

That means there’s a good chance you can find CBD in your nearest vitamin supplement store. You’ll probably find it in the herbs and natural remedies section. These are likely to have CBD oils and gummies at your disposal, but you may need to look elsewhere if you want topical solutions.

Smoke Shops

Smoke shops can offer up a lot more than just different kinds of smokeware. You’ll be able to find loads of different CBD products in a smoke shop, perhaps even alternative options to the ones that we’ve mentioned.

While your local shop will probably carry oil tinctures, you may also be able to find herbal CBD cigarettes. These are great if your friend enjoys the pull and drag of a traditional cigarette, but wants some of the benefits of CBD. In addition, these are awesome for helping people wean off of tobacco cigarettes.

You might also be able to find CBD buds that you can use in your favorite bowl, bong, or pipe. These often taste and smoke just like traditional marijuana, so these are perfect for the stoner who still needs to be fully functional for the work or school day.

If your friends are unsure about trying CBD for the first time, smoke shop employees can also help them answer any further questions that you weren’t able to answer. This is a great place to start before trying out another option.

Supermarkets and Drugstores

Last but not least, you and your friends might be surprised to know that you can buy CBD products in many supermarkets and drugstores!

Keep in mind that the options may be limited to just topicals, but this is a great place to go if they’re looking for some CBD in a pinch. Plus, you can find chain drugstores pretty much anywhere, so these are convenient places to look.

The beauty of CBD legalization means that it can be sold pretty much anywhere. 

Now, we just have to wait for THC products to be sold in our local supermarkets, too…

What Your Friends Can Expect

If your friends have never tried CBD before, it’s normal for them to be a little bit nervous! You can ease some of their fears by walking them through what they can expect.

Remind them that CBD is much less intense than THC. The effects of cannabidiol are fairly mild, so they won’t enter an entirely different reality or be stuck in da couch. When using a CBD ingestible, such as oil or gummies, they can expect a soothing, calming sensation throughout their body. It might make them feel extra relaxed, and they may notice that their stress simply melts away. But again — it’s nothing too intense.

As for using CBD topicals on their skin, they’ll probably feel a cooling sensation on the applied area as CBD is typically mixed with other soothing ingredients like menthol. They may also notice that the underlying achiness begins to subside, and their skin will be left feeling nice and smooth, too. 

In short, there’s nothing for you or your friends to be afraid of. CBD is a calming yet non-drowsy natural extract that is considered safe, legal, and beneficial for all parts of your holistic wellbeing.

Wrap Up

If your friends ever come to you wondering where to buy CBD products, it’s important that you’re prepared. CBD is a highly beneficial substance that you don’t want the people in your life missing out on.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it’s a derivative of the cannabis sativa plant, just like good ol’ marijuana. It interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help ease feelings of stress, soothe discomfort, and improve your mood. CBD is different from THC in that it is not psychoactive. It loosely interacts with receptors throughout your body to bring on more mild effects.

As far as where to get it, your friends can buy CBD online pretty easily. They just need to make sure they’re buying them from a reputable source, like right here at High Times. Additionally, they can try looking in their local vitamin or supplement store for different topicals, oils, or creams.

If those don’t work for them, have them check out the nearest smoke shop. These might have alternative options that aren’t available anywhere else, like herbal smokes or CBD bud. On their way home, they can stop at a local drugstore and check out the herbal section for some topicals and maybe some oil tinctures.

But no matter where your friends get their CBD, you can have confidence that you just helped them find a supplement that will help improve their lives. You’re a pretty great bud.


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