What is a CBD Essential Oil?

What is a CBD Essential Oil?

CBD comes in many different shapes and sizes, including gummies, creams, bath bombs, and sprays. But when most people think of CBD, the first thing that comes to mind is usually one of those tiny oil tinctures.

Those are called CBD essential oils or just CBD oil. 

Essential oil is a concentrated liquid that contains chemical compounds from plants. There are many different types of essential oils, and they are commonly used in aromatherapy, which is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit. 

You may have used an oil diffuser before to feel some of its positive effects.

Common essential oils include peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender, but CBD essential oils are specifically made for the CBD compound. 

Let’s talk a little more about what CBD oil is and how it can be used to help brighten up your day.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s a derivative of the cannabis sativa plant. It’s often confused with THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, because they come from the same plant. The major difference is that while THC and CBD are psychoactive, CBD does not produce the same high associated with THC. 

Cannabinoids such as CBD interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex network that helps relax your mood, support sleep quality, appetite, and more. 

Cannabinoids interact with receptors called cannabinoid receptors. There are many types, but the most prominent are CB1 and CB2. These live in your brain and immune cells, respectively, helping to bring you the stress-relieving and tension-easing sensations that cannabis products are associated with.

Some people like to use CBD topicals for targeted relief. Meanwhile, others who prefer not to smoke enjoy edible options. 

CBD essential oils can often fall into both of these categories, which is what makes them so popular.

Benefits of CBD Essential Oil

With so many benefits, cannabis has some profound effects on our holistic well-being. 

Balanced Mood

Smoking weed can help you drift into a peaceful headspace, letting you forget about your stress and just enjoy the present. CBD can do something similar without any effects on your cognition. 

Many people who use CBD report feeling less anxious, stressed, and overall more balanced.

Improved Sleep

Like the best Indica strains, CBD can be a great nighttime supplement to help you fall asleep faster for longer periods.

Research supports the theory that CBD supports sleep quality by soothing discomfort and relaxing the mind.

Pain Management

CBD can also help ease tension and soothe achy joints. While this can happen when you ingest CBD oil, many people also use it as a topical for targeted reprieve in problem areas.

With that in mind, CBD can be applied to your body before and after a workout, or even if you’re feeling a little tense.

Fast Relief

Something that sets CBD essential oils apart from other methods is that it tends to work much faster. It is recommended that CBD oil is applied underneath the tongue because of the number of capillaries in that part of the body. 

This allows the cannabidiol to enter the bloodstream without losing potency from your metabolism.

Consider how pot brownies still make you feel high. The difference is that they take a little while to actually kick in. So if you need instant relief, CBD oil has a leg up.

How is CBD Essential Oil Made?

In order to make any CBD product, the cannabidiol compound must first be extracted from the cannabis plant. There are a number of different extraction processes, but the most prominent is carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction. 

In this process, CO2 is exposed to extremely low temperatures at high pressure. This liquidates the CO2 and brings it closer to its supercritical state. 

Once it reaches that point, it is pushed through a chamber that contains raw cannabis, subsequently acting as a solvent to dissolve and capture the essential oils within the plant itself. 

However, this oil is highly concentrated and is typically too potent to be used on its own. 

When you buy CBD oil from your local dispensary or an online retailer, you’re purchasing CBD oil combined with a carrier oil to make it less concentrated.

Carrier oils are often used to dilute CBD including coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and more. Each of these can have its own benefits too, so it’s worth doing a little bit of research into your product’s ingredients before buying.

Are There Different Types of CBD Essential Oil?

When it comes to buying CBD essential oil for yourself, it’s important to know the different types. This is because there are different types of CBD that are each fairly different in their effectiveness and functionality.

Your CBD oil will use one of these three different types of cannabidiol:

  • CBD Isolate: This is just 100% pure CBD, meaning that no other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant are present in the product. However, it may still contain a carrier oil and some other added ingredients. Although it’s the most authentic form of CBD, it is often considered the least effective.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: The cannabis plant contains other compounds besides just THC and CBD. There are also things called terpenes, other cannabinoids like CBN (cannabinol) and CBC (cannabichromene), antioxidants, fatty acids, and more. Broad-spectrum CBD incorporates all of these things. 
  • Full-spectrum CBD: This type of CBD incorporates all of those things that you can find in broad-spectrum CBD, except it also uses trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3%). This is often considered the most effective form of CBD because of the entourage effect, which hypothesizes that all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds can work together to enhance each other’s benefits.

When you’re looking for CBD oil, if you want something that is likely to be most effective, definitely look for a product that utilizes full-spectrum CBD. However, if you’re a bit skeptical and want to stick with plain CBD, it’s probably better to go with broad-spectrum instead of CBD isolate. The type of CBD that your product contains should be listed in the ingredients.

Flavors and Scents

CBD oils are also often made with other essential oils to help provide natural flavors and scents. 

You may see CBD oils that use peppermint or arnica for a boosted soothing sensation and refreshing flavor. Some CBD oils may use the limonene terpene to give the product a citrus scent and flavor profile. 

How to Use CBD Essential Oil

Using CBD oil is easy and effective, and there are a few different ways you can use it based on your own personal preferences.


The main way that most people use CBD essential oil is by placing it underneath their tongue. Most tinctures will come with a dropper to help you use the specified dosage. 

With this said, not everyone loves taking CBD this way because these tinctures tend to be highly concentrated, often having intense and unfavorable flavors. 

However, there are oral alternatives that work very similarly, such as High Times’ CBD Spray.

All it takes is a spritz or two in your mouth to keep you feeling your best. Since the sprays cover a wider area of your mouth compared to the oil, these taste much better and are easier to use. With delicious flavors from peppermint citrus to blueberry lemon, you’ll almost want to feel stressed so that you have an excuse to use them.

Note that before ingesting any type of CBD oil, you should be sure to read the label to ensure that it is safe for consumption. Some types are purely meant for external use only.


Since CBD has so many benefits for wellness health, many people may choose to find CBD essential oils that can be applied to the skin. When using this method, use a small amount of oil and gently massage the compound into affected areas.

This is perfect for bringing some fast relief to targeted areas of your body such as knees, elbows, your neck, and more. 

CBD serums can work with other essential oils to bring the chill where it’s needed most.

In Conclusion

Essential oils are plant extracts in liquid form, so CBD essential oils are liquid forms of your favorite herbal analgesic. CBD can help relax your mood, support sleep quality, and even help soothe painful muscles and joints. 

CBD oil is made through a process called CO2 extraction, where CO2 is liquidated and used as a solvent to draw out cannabinoids and other compounds from the cannabis plant. This oil is then merged with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to decrease its concentration.

Remember that not all CBD strains are built alike. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum tend to work better than CBD isolate because of the entourage effect, which allows all of the compounds from the plant to work together in unison.

You can also use CBD oil orally or topically, depending on the description of the product itself. But no matter how you decide to use CBD essential oil, it is “essential” for a reason. You’re taking some necessary steps towards improving your overall wellness.


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