Qualities of Great Weed Stores

Qualities of Great Weed Stores

As marijuana slowly becomes more accepted, it’s also starting to become legalized across the  United States. As of April 2021, 17 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have legal weed in your state, or you enjoy crossing over state lines to get your hands on some hemp, it’s important to know the qualities of a good weed store ahead of time. And while we love weed stores no matter what, we also want to make sure you’re getting the best value and the best quality product.

So as we wait for 33 more states to catch up, let’s walk through some of the essential features of dispensaries that make us fall in love with mother nature all over again.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you enter a dispensary, the first thing you notice won’t even be all of the weed or smokeware lining glass cases: it will be the lobby of the store itself. Making a first impression is critical, and if a dispensary has put a lot of effort into making sure that you feel welcome upon entry, you can have confidence in the product itself.

Most dispensaries hit the nail on the head in this aspect. They’re usually clean, chique, colorful, and vibrant stores filled with lights, seating areas, and maybe even some games to play. Still, if you ever enter a dispensary and you just get a bad feeling, you may want to think twice before buying the product.

Since weed is such a creative force for artists, we especially love when dispensaries show off some local artwork from creators in the community. It helps to bring a fresh, modern vibe while also proudly representing the area it resides.

Adherence to Guidelines

When you go to a dispensary, you may have noticed that the first thing they do is ask for your ID, sometimes in a waiting room and sometimes before you can even enter the building. This is just one of many strict guidelines that dispensaries have to follow in order to keep their right to sell. So if your local dispensary has never carded you, they’re really taking some risks.

State dispensary guidelines differ, so be sure to do a bit of research ahead of time. Typically, weed stores are not allowed to sell more than one ounce of marijuana flower at a time, and there are limits to the amount of THC that can be in edibles and compounds. 

States like Massachusetts don’t even allow their dispensaries to have outside product displays, neon lights, or names and logos that refer to marijuana. It means that if you don’t know these places are dispensaries, you might just walk by them without realizing it.

While these can all be inconvenient for you as the consumer, it’s a good sign that the dispensary is taking the necessary care to deliver you a safe and effective product. If they follow the rules, it means their marijuana is handled and grown under the correct methods. Your health and safety is the most important thing, so it should really feel like that’s the case.

Beaming Budtenders

Especially if it’s your first time going to a dispensary, things can be really intimidating. But it’s important to remember that it was once everybody’s first time. Having helpful budtenders to help you out and guide you down the right path can make or break your first experience.

A good budtender has a few qualities. The first, and most important, is that they are friendly. Weed culture is all about love and acceptance. If your budtender is a true member of the community, they’ll take you in with open arms and be happy to answer any questions you may have. They shouldn’t be judgemental, condescending, or rude in any way.

Second, they should be well-educated on everything there is to know about weed. From THC to CBD, it’s the budtender’s job to be able give you accurate information about everything that they offer. 

The easiest way for a retailer to lose business is by having poor customer service. We hope you never have to deal with an irritable budtender. But if you do, you now have a good reason to go experiment with some other dispensaries you haven’t tried yet!

Quality Kush

It goes without saying, but a dispensary definitely needs to have a wide selection of weed at fair prices. After all, that’s the whole reason you came!

The best dispensaries have a nice variety of indicas, sativas, and hybrids in between. Your indicas will give you more of a body high and make you feel sleepy and relaxed, while your sativas will give you a boost of energy and help you feel nice and euphoric. Talk to a budtender about different strains and flavors that they have on stock so you can find the perfect match.

But they shouldn’t just stop at the bud. They’ve also got to have things like edibles, salves, balms, oil tinctures, and more. Weed is highly versatile, and a good dispensary makes use of all of its benefits.

Fair Prices

Like alcohol or any other vices, cannabis can be expensive. When your local weed store is the only one in the nearby area, it makes sense if prices are a little bit higher. After all, there’s no one to really compete with, so you only have one option no matter what.

But in large cityspaces where you can find a dispensary around every corner, you can always use competitive pricing as an indicator about the quality of the store. Places that are committed to low prices despite higher pricing around them are usually more transparent about their products and are willing to put the customer first.

This is, of course, a generalization, and not all dispensaries are alike. However, low prices are something that can make local dispensaries stand out amongst the rest of the pack.

More Than Just THC

Some of the most renowned weed stores recognize that there are other cannabinoids outside of just THC, and they have an appreciation for everything related to the cannabis plant. Namely, this includes CBD.

CBD is like THC’s straight-A little cousin. It brings you all of the amazing stress soothing, muscle relaxing, and sleepy feels of traditional marijuana without the psychoactivity. It’s the perfect companion for a stressful day at work when you need some relief but still need to be 100% attentive for the day ahead.

Quality dispensaries are loaded with just as many CBD options as THC. If you like the act of smoking, you can see if your dispensary has some CBD bud, herbal cigarettes, or vape juice on hand to help you get your fix. These are great methods of using cannabis in general because they work quick and don’t become diluted by your metabolism.

However, ingestible CBD solutions are typically most popular. Ask your budtender about their selection of CBD oils and CBD gummies, as these are fast-acting ways to feel the benefits of CBD without having to take too much time out of your busy schedule. 

But CBD isn’t just for the inside of your body. Topicals such as creams and serums help to bring relief to aches and pains whenever they arise. You can use CBD on sore muscles and tender joints for instant reprieve. CBD has some tension-soothing properties that make it great for topical use, so see if your dispensary has some on hand.

And once you’ve stocked up on the staples, see if your local weed store has some non-conventional options, like CBD bath bombs. This will be a clear indicator that your dispensary has a vast appreciation for cannabis and all of its uses.

Stellar Smokeware

Weed is pretty useless if you don’t have anything to smoke it with, and a dope dispensary should be stocked up with products that you can take home and use right away.

You should be able to find rolling paper, bowls, and grinders at most dispensaries, as these are the foundations of any recreational user’s arsenal. However, we have a sweet spot for dispensaries that stock up on different types of rigs and vaporizers for you to try out.

Look for things that are cool and unique, like this ceramic water pipe. In addition to being fully functional, it’s discreet and stylish. You can throw it on your bookshelf and no one would even know that you smoke from it daily.

Seeing different rigs in person  is better than being able to buy online, because you can really get a sense of its density and presence in the space. This is why it’s great when a dispensary has some smokeware on display.

Loyalty Programs

Cannabis isn’t typically a one-time purchase. If you go to a dispensary one time, the chances of you coming back are exceedingly high. Dispensaries rely on repeat regulars just as much as first-time newbies when it comes to staying in business.

With that in mind, the best dispensaries show their customers that they matter by rewarding them with customer loyalty benefits. Many dispensaries adopt a model where you can input your phone number after purchase, and on your tenth visit you get a major discount on your order. But it might be things like buy one get one deals, special sales and discounts, or referral bonuses.

However, customer loyalty isn’t limited to physical gifts. If you’re a regular, a dispensary can get some extra pot brownie points when they remember your name or your typical order. This helps you feel more comfortable and loved, which can make you want to keep coming back.

Of course, dispensaries see hundreds of customers a week, so don’t hate on a store just because it takes some time for them to get to know you. However, if a dispensary does whatever they can to make you feel more welcomed every time you walk through the doors, you’ll be likely to keep coming through those doors over and over.

In Conclusion

Every dispensary has something about them that makes them stand out. As marijuana becomes more legalized across the US, it’s exciting to think about all of the new innovations that budding bud shops will deploy to draw in new customers.

For now, when it comes to looking at the factors that make a weed shop great, there are a few things to consider. For one, the aesthetic appeal of the shop can draw you in or push you out. The exterior of the store as well as the interior can give off a vibe that will hopefully make you want to keep coming back.

Additionally, knowledgeable budtenders are great. Friendly service and educated information can ensure that each one of your visits is a memorable one. This friendly service goes hand in hand with customer loyalty, which we also think plays an important role in making weed stores so special.

As far as the products themselves, it’s always good when there’s a wide variety at fair prices. Also, it’s always nice when a dispensary has a ton of smokeware on display so you can physically see the rigs up close.

Last but not least, a good dispensary has an appreciation for other cannabinoids besides just THC. If your local store has an equal amount of THC products as they do CBD, then you know this is a place that genuinely loves weed and everything it can do for your body.


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