Jaunt x High Times Collection

With everything you need for every smoke session, this collection has upgraded essentials that you won’t want to hide.



The perfect size for a solo sesh or sharing with a couple buds, this pipe’s clean lines pack a punch.


With its large bowl and perfectly passable shape, the hits keep coming from this party pipe. Please note that despite its size, this is not a water pipe.


This slick water pipe would rather be on display than tucked away, and delivers the goods to match its good looks. A unique integrated downstem is molded into the body of the pipe. The removable bowl plugs into the stem and creates a seal with the attached rubber gasket. The large opening and chamber allow for ice to be put inside the bong. Cool.


1 × Jaunt x High Times Bough Pipe

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1 × Jaunt x High Times Branch Pipe

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1 × Jaunt x High Times Twig Pipe

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