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Higher Standard Heavy Duty Beaker


Handcrafted from durable medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is a water pipe engineered to rip with maximum filtration. With a wide base for supreme stability and a ground-glass connection for an airtight seal, it has high thermal resistance that will withstand all temperature variances. Slits on its diffused downstem create fine …

Higher Standard Heavy Duty Spoon


This ultradurable pipe is handcrafted from medical-grade borosilicate glass with a three-millimeter thickness. The bowl’s large fill capacity enables big rips and long-lasting sessions. With every pull, the spacious chamber produces extraordinarily dense clouds of smoke. To regulate airflow, the Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is designed with a side carburetor hole. The flared mouthpiece provides …

Higher Standard Santa Cruz Shredder


Precision-engineered and manufactured in the USA, the Higher Standards X Santa Cruz Shredder features a proprietary tooth pattern that yields a fluffy, even grind. This four-piece grinder is equipped with a pollen catcher and included scraper. With a superior grip design and unique threading, the Higher Standards X Santa Cruz Shredder provides the first step …

Higher Standard Heavy Duty Riggler


Engineered for advanced, portable water filtration of your dry herb and concentrates, this dual-use innovation features a 7 mm thick, medical-grade borosilicate glass construction. Designed with a fixed diffused downstem, the Riggler creates fine bubbles and promotes superior airflow for moisture-rich and dense pulls. The Riggler is equipped with a quartz banger and glass bowl …

Higher Standard Heavy Duty Rig


Engineered specifically for the water filtration of concentrates, this durable, medical-grade borosilicate glass rig has been handcrafted for powerful, reliable performance, and features a quartz banger for optimal flavor transfer. With slits on its diffused stem that create fine bubbles for a smooth draw, the Heavy Duty Rig boasts superior airflow and an airtight seal.

Higher Standard Re:Stash Jar


The Higher Standards Re:Stash is an eight-ounce reusable storage jar that safely and securely houses materials and smaller items. Snuggly fit around the jar is a Higher Standards-branded koozie made from 100% silicone, adding further protection against damage and sunlight exposure. Resealable and child-resistant, the lid is made in America from FDA-approved polypropylene that’s 30% …

Higher Standard Premium Crystal Ashtray


This Premium Crystal ashtray is fit for royalty. Made of clear crystal and strong black walnut, it will make your table look classier than ever. On top of the quality design, there is a functional metal poker so you can easily clean out your pipe. The poker snaps into the beautiful wooden ring. The bottom …

Higher Standard Blazer Big Shot


A powerful, portable anti-flare butane torch, the Big Shot features a detachable base and precision flame control. A high-grade brass nozzle keeps the flame steady—you can turn the Big Shot upside down without worrying about flame blowing out. Featuring a large fuel capacity, this torch burns long and full. Boasting a Piezo crystal igniter, this …