What are the Big Weed Events?

What are the Big Weed Events?

As any lover of weed will tell you, one of the best ways to celebrate weed is to go to an event that’s all about cannabis. From festivals, to expos, to conventions, there’s never a shortage of weed events that you can attend to learn more about mother nature’s gifts while using them for yourself.

As coronavirus restrictions begin to lift and more people become vaccinated, these types of gatherings are going to start being a lot more common. So stay in the know so you don’t miss out on the biggest weed events of the year.

Conventions and Exhibitions

One of the most common types of cannabis events are exhibitions. These often take place inside of large convention halls and are reminiscent of popular conventions like Comic Con.

As a consumer, you’ll be able to walk around the show floor, talking with hundreds of vendors and sampling some of their products. You might also be able to get tickets to a panel discussion or keynote presentation where you can learn about different facets of the industry from professional cultivators, researchers, and investors.

On top of that, they’re great places to be if you want to meet up with some new people who have similar interests.

If you’re looking to expand your education and conjure up some cannabis, here are some events you won’t want to miss.

Lift & Co. Expo

Many conventions have a focus on business and industry aspects, often being limited to people who are somehow involved in the cannabis field for their occupation. However, Lift & Co.’s annual expo combines business with consumers in a really fantastic way.

There are devoted days for consumers to attend the expo, so you can freely walk around the exhibition floor to learn more about brand new cannabis products, while even being able to sample some for yourself. You can also attend panels and Q&A sessions to keep yourself entertained while you take a break from walking around.

They also incorporate discussions about other psychedelics besides just marijuana, so it can be the perfect event if you’re looking to broaden your education outside of cannabis.

Lift & Co. is also a highly aesthetic experience, with fun games and photo opportunities scattered throughout. It feels more like a festival than a convention, and it definitely has a personality unlike most others. 

Lift & Co. Expo takes place in Toronto, Canada.


With the recent legalization of CBD manufacturing and consumption back in 2018, CBD products have been booming. The USA CBD Expo is the best place to be for the general public to come face to face with some of the newest innovations in CBD and beyond.

They have an impressive line-up of guest speakers ranging from marijuana activists to health care professionals, and you’ll be able to try out some new CBD products before they ever even hit store shelves.

CBD has some powerfully positive effects on your mood, sleep schedule, and on discomfort and tension. If you’ve never tried it before, we recommend heading to this expo so you can learn more.

It’s also one of the best ways for industry professionals to connect with their audience: you! By attending, you’ll be able to shape the industry by giving your honest feedback and letting vendors know what does or doesn’t work about their product. 

The USA CBD Expo is a traveling expo that stops in Atlanta, Chicago, and Fort Lauderdale. However, it even stops in Colombia for anyone living in, or looking to visit, South America.

New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN)

The New England region has been a budding area for marijuana legalization. After Massachusetts became one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, New Jersey, Vermont and Maine followed suit. This also means that this region knows exactly how to throw a fun convention.

NECANN is one of the most prominent cannabis conventions in the world, making it one of the best places to be if you’re a cannabis connoisseur of any type. With guest speakers in cultivation, technology, medicine, and business, there is something here for everyone.

Not to mention, the 2019 event boasted over 9,000 attendees, which means you’ll get to make plenty of new weed friends that you can bring over for your next smoke session. It’s an all-around fun atmosphere that New England residents can look forward to every year.

NECANN operates in a number of states, but the most prominent takes place in Boston, MA.

Festivals and Competitions

While conventions and exhibitions are a ton of fun, they mostly focus on education and product testing. If you’re looking for something that is more of a celebration that requires a lot less brain power, you’ll want to look into attending a weed festival or competition.

These often feel like big birthday parties as they’re filled with fun games, food vendors, shopping tents, and also product tents. Here are some of the most fun events that you should buy your tickets for now.

High Times Cannabis Cup

High Times Magazine has been writing about marijuana since 1974, so it’d be pretty embarrassing if we didn’t know how to put on a pretty killer weed event. 

The Cannabis Cup is not only one of the most anticipated weed events of the year, but it’s also just one of the most anticipated competitions in general.

Typically, the competition travels to different states in search of the highest quality marijuana products in the country. Manufacturers will have their products tested by a panel of judges, who will then crown a winner with the best bud. Not only is it an exciting process to watch, but musical performances from world-class talent and other fun activities make it a day to remember for anyone who attends.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the event has had to shift remotely. However, it might even be for the better.

That’s because now the judging pool is bigger than ever: the nationwide public. This means that you can help choose the next biggest name in CBD. Judging kits filled with amazing CBD gummies, oils, and lotions will be sent directly to your door. Try them all by yourself or with some friends, and then rank them based on specific criteria.

And at the end of the judging period, the scores will be tallied and the new winner will be revealed. There’s no other way for you to have such a direct impact on the next industry frontrunners.

Click here to learn more about the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Seattle Hempfest

As the name implies, Hempfest is one of the top hemp festivals in the country. It’s like a state fair except everyone gets high and there aren’t any weird pig races.

Originally billed as the Washington Hemp Expo in 1991, this event has aged like fine wine. It’s got live musical performances from famous bands, more food trucks than you can count, typical panel discussions and presentations, and so much more. It’s probably the ultimate cannabis carnival in the entire USA.

The event is also home to tons of protests from maijuana activists and civil rights leaders. We dare you not to feel the good vibes when you’re in this energetic atmosphere right next to the beautiful Seattle waterfront.

While things have had to shift to an online format because of COVID-19, the event is hoping to be back up in full force for the 2021 season.

Boston Freedom Rally

Established in 1989, the Boston Freedom Rally began as a “protestival” to achieve the goal of getting recreational marijuana legalized in the state of Massachusetts. After reaching this goal in 2016, the event has shifted towards more of a celebration, often referred to as the Boston Hempfest.

Because of that, people often confuse it with the Seattle Hempfest, though they aren’t dissimilar. The Boston Freedom Rally takes place in the center of the Boston Common, filling it with local vendors, artists, games, food, and more. There’s also a stage where musical performances keep on letting the good vibes roll.

It’s an energetic event that metaphorically, and literally, lights up the entire city. The event is slated to return to in-person celebrations in 2021.

Events for Business Owners

While the conventions and festivals listed above are great places for consumers to enjoy themselves, you may be a store owner or investor looking to grow your business. 

There are loads of B2B, or business to business, events that you can attend that will let you gain some valuable insight into the industry while simultaneously networking with like-minded partners.

Here are some of the most renowned B2B weed events that you should consider going to.


If you’re in the cannabis industry in any way, you probably already know about CannaCon. That’s because it’s arguably the largest business to business convention in the United States for industry professionals.

This is the best place to be if you’re just starting out in the industry and you want some guidance from seasoned veterans. However, it’s also great to start getting your name out there so you can enhance your existing business, no matter your current success.

With that said, you can still have a little fun. Even if you don’t want to get your own booth, you can still walk around the show floor and browse different products and services that can be purchased directly from wholesalers and manufacturers. And it’s also got some renowned guest speakers like any convention.

If you’re looking to attend or exhibit at CannaCon, you can go to one of five different traveling locations across the country.

Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is an extremely professional convention for entrepreneurs and investors to network with one another. There really is no other conference that will give you access to such high-profile members of the industry.

You’ll be able to attend seminars, sit in on one-on-one meetings, and listen to keynote presentations to help build your knowledge base while simultaneously building your connections. It’s like LinkedIn in real life.

One thing that’s great is that the Capital Conference is operating remotely, so more people can have access to this amazing networking opportunity. If you are trying to get your business off the ground, this is a must-attend event.

In Conclusion

No matter how much weed you smoke or CBD you use, you can’t fully appreciate cannabis until you’ve gone to a full-fledged weed event. These are some of the informative and fun places you can be, especially if you’re looking to make some new friends with the same types of interests and values.

For a typical convention/ exhibition style event, you’ll want to check out places like the Lift & Co. Expo, USA CBD Expo, and New England Cannabis Convention. These will allow you to walk around the show floor, interact with vendors, listen to guest speakers, and try out some new products.

But if you’re looking for a laidback celebration of marijuana, then you’ll want to reserve your spot for the High Times Cannabis Cup, Seattle Hempfest, or Boston Freedom Rally. All of these are energetic atmospheres with fun, laughs, games, music, and more. They’re primarily based on entertaining you rather than informing you.

Finally, business owners and industry professionals need to attend a business to business expo in order to grow their weed business. CannaCon is arguably the most prominent, but the Benzinga Capital Conference is just as high-quality and is currently taking place fully online.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate cannabis, there’s nothing better than sharing the love with people around you. Try to get some tickets to these amazing events, but even if you can’t, throw your own cannabis parties with your friends and family right from home!





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