Limited Edition & Choice Cuts

Just because we’re legal doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten. Shop the new apparel collection from High Times and show the world where you came from.


You know what it is. Our BOGO. While we know they’ll smell your loud, it never hurts to superman that shit!

The Originals

While we love all the new faces, we can never forget our OG’s. From all those who have written for us under pseudonyms out of fear of the feds, to our flag-bearing founder Tom Forcade, this collection honors them all.

Cup Classics

Since 1988 we’ve been meeting in secret with the best buds we have around to crown the infamous Cannabis Cup. Beginning with a humble celebration in Amsterdam, this battle of the nugs has evolved into the most coveted cultivation award in the world.

The Smugglers

In the 60’s things weren’t as… accepted, as they are today. We had to get into some hairy shit just to get our fix. We’ve come a long way, but it’s important to remember your roots, so in a homage to our founder and the late night flights, and in celebration of the underground we arose from, we are proud to present you with the border-hopping Smuggler collection.